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European Strategies Consulting

A Knowledge Builder

European Strategies Consulting (ESC) is an independent consultancy company specialized in European and international public policies in the field of social, legal and educational development, providing concept analysis, project design, reform implementation, monitoring and evaluation (including need & impact assessment, benchmarking and comparative research).

The main focus of the company is criminology and criminal justice, covering issues like prison, probation, electronic monitoring and so on. The main services by our company are: consultancy, evaluation, research and training.

ESC members provided consultancy, research and training in Central and Eastern Europe: Albania (probation), Serbia (probation), Montenegro (probation), Moldova (prison & probation), Georgia (probation) and Romania (prison & probation).They also participated in projects situated in Western Europe (Finland, Germany, France, UK), Africa (Algeria) and Middle East (Jordan).

ESC is committed to evidence based standards in consultancy and research. ESC is also committed to high standards of ethics.