European Strategies Consulting

About us

The main focus of the company is criminology and criminal justice, covering issues like prison, probation, electronic monitoring and so on. The main services by our company are: consultancy, evaluation, research and training.

ESC members provided consultancy, research and training in Central and Eastern Europe: Albania (probation), Serbia (probation), Montenegro (probation), Moldova (prison & probation), Georgia (probation) and Romania (prison & probation).They also participated in projects situated in Western Europe (Finland, Germany, France, UK), Africa (Algeria) and Middle East (Jordan).

ESC is committed to evidence based standards in consultancy and research. ESC is also committed to high standards of ethics.



Scientific activities and expertise

ESC members have academic and internationally recognized background certified by board-memberships in scientific societies, articles in peer-review journals and presence in university councils, guaranteeing an evidence-based expertise acknowledged among senior scholars and researchers. In this capacity ESC can provide high quality services, such as

  • Research
  • Literature reviews,
  • Systematic reviews,
  • Meta-analysis,
  • Impact analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Qualitative and
  • Quantitative research etc.



ESC members are continuously involved in activities on the behalf of national, European and international organizations as a consultants on policy reform, formulating recommendation, advising on law-making strategies and drafting action plans. Based on this experience, ESC can provide high quality services such as:

  • Consultancy for Criminal justice structures and proceedings, especially prison and probation.
  • Modernization of probation &penitentiary systems,
  • Professionalization of probation services,
  • Assistance on social inclusion,
  • Improvement and promotion of public policies,
  • Developing evidence based services for vulnerable groups.



ESC members have long-term experience with students and professionals within various institutional contexts. In this capacity they offered services like: academic courses, vocational training, advanced courses for stakeholders, etc. The transmission of knowledge, skills and know-how can be adapted to one-to-one classes or to group seminars over several days, using interactive and computer-based tools



  • Feasibility studies
  • Needs assessment
  • Project evaluation

Core Correctional Skills


The Core Correctional Skills Training adopts a holistic approach, covering every hierarchical level and all departments within the organization. This innovative model integrates intensive training modules with practical implementation strategies for organizational change. The result is a team of well-trained staff and a strong culture focused on ongoing development and learning. The primary goal of the training is to bolster the performance of all entities engaged in juvenile justice, penitentiary services, and probationary programs.

Core Correctional Skills

At the heart of this training are five core correctional skills, identified through rigorous scientific research as instrumental in reducing recidivism and facilitating desistance:

  1. Building the working alliance with involuntary clients
  2. Demonstrating pro-social behavior through modeling
  3. Employing effective problem-solving techniques
  4. Applying motivational interviewing tactics
  5. Implementing cognitive restructuring methods


For more details on how this training program was delivered in Slovenia, please visit: