European Strategies Consulting

The EPHESUS project focuses on enhancing judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters within the EU, especially in the post-pandemic context. It aims to address challenges related to the European arrest warrant, emphasizing the need for a balanced and rights-respecting application, particularly concerning digital and remote justice processes. The project targets judges and prosecutors, intending to improve their understanding and application of mutual recognition instruments as alternatives to traditional measures, thus promoting fundamental rights and efficient judicial cooperation. Partners include a mix of European universities, research institutes, and consulting firms from countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Romania, each contributing their unique expertise to the project’s objectives.


The Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL) – Project coordinator / Greece

University of Seville / Spain

The Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) / Bulgaria

European Strategies Consulting / Romania

Qualify Just (IPS) / Portugal

Total budget – 314.641,00 €