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Summary Among all Roma discrimination related fields of study, the one concerning offenders’ re-entry and social reintegration is the most neglected. Nonetheless literature is rich in demonstrating that different groups of prisoners experience re-entry in a specific way. There is no study available regarding how Roma experience reentry or desistance. Little is known about these […]

PRE-TRIAD Alternative PRE-TRIAl Detention measures: Judicial awareness and cooperation towards the realisation of common standards

Description By promoting judicial cooperation between EUMSs and raising policy makers and stakeholders’ awareness on the topic, Alternative PRE-TRIAl detention measures: Judicial awareness and cooperation towards the realisation of common standards (PRE-TRIAD) project aims to build the groundwork for the realisation of common standards with respect to fundamental rights on the practical application of PTD […]


The main goal of the project is to develop and transfer innovative practices designed to increase the implementation of alternative measures in prisons for juveniles and young offenders. Objectives The project will build on the existing good practices, develop them, evaluate them in different cultural and judicial contexts and extrapolate them at the European level. […]

Bringing Safety on the Roads – BriSaR

Synopsis The BriSaR project focuses on adapting an existing programme in Portugal (STOP) and update it in line with the research evidence and offender expectations. The project will support correctional staff in prison and probation settings to work more effectively with those offenders who have been sentenced for road offences. Objectives The aim of this […]

VR for Drug Rehabilitation

Developing and Using Virtual Reality Technology for the Rehabilitation of Drug Users in Probation Services Synopsis This project aims to develop and test an innovative drug treatment programme using advanced Virtual Reality (VR) technology in a young offender population under probation supervision. It will develop and adapt scenarios for a VR application that induce drug […]


Strengthening the capacity of criminal justice professionals and volunteers Synopsis The European Agenda on Education &Training 2010 suggests that it is necessary to facilitate peer training, especially with disadvantaged groups; additionally, the placement of offenders in peer-support roles is also increasingly recommended by different governments, as peers can be effective ‘identity models’ and the “living […]


Strengthening the capacity of criminal justice professionals and volunteer The RE[ENTER] project focuses on the exchange of good practices concerning psychoeducational tools that have the potential to contribute to the capacity building of correctional staff (prison and probation officers, ONG professionals, volunteers) who work with offenders(both prisoners and ex-prisoners). Hence, this project aims to fill […]


Improving digital and coding skills for inmates  The FREE to CODE project has the ambitious goal of using digital skills and computer programming as a means of human development that can help adult European prisoners to re-enter society with a resale expertise. This path will be validated by using the European Guidelines for non-formal and […]

Active Inclusion Learning Network

The project is implemented by the Active Inclusion Learning Network which is an European Social Fund transnational network involving countries such as: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The management of the network is ensured by the National Offender Management Service (UK). The aim of the Active Inclusion Learning Network is […]

Good Practices in Conflict Resolution

Facing the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2011, Hungary, and more closely the Hungarian Ministry of Interior was interested in strengthening the cooperation among the Member States of the region and enabling the national experts to exchange experiences in the field of crime prevention– in order to explore the potential of […]