European Strategies Consulting

The project is implemented by the Active Inclusion Learning Network which is an European Social Fund transnational network involving countries such as: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The management of the network is ensured by the National Offender Management Service (UK). The aim of the Active Inclusion Learning Network is to support individuals in vulnerable groups (such as disaffected youth, marginalized in community etc.) to (re-) engage with the labour market.

The role of ESC is to cover the systematic review and manage the research part of the project: selecting best practices, evaluating them, identify innovation elements etc.

As detailed by the project partners, the particular vulnerable groups that are in the focus of the systematic review are:

1. Disaffected Youth:

Disaffected youth inclusion and empowerment

Disaffected youth employment, education and training

2. Marginalized in community


Drug and alcohol abuse

Offenders / Ex-offenders

Mental health, physical and learning disabilities

3. Troubled families

Offender’s families

Multigenerational unemployment/Long term unemployment

Anti-social behaviour

Educational problems