Our Expertise

14 noiembrie 2018

ESC members have academic and internationally recognized background certified by board-memberships in scientific societies, articles in peer-review journals and presence in university councils, guaranteeing an evidence-based expertise acknowledged among senior scholars and researchers. In this capacity ESC can provide high quality services, such as: Research Literature reviews, Systematic reviews, Meta-analysis, Impact analysis Cost-benefit analysis Qualitative

13 noiembrie 2018

ESC members are continuously involved in activities on the behalf of national, European and international organizations as a consultants on policy reform, formulating recommendation, advising on law-making strategies and drafting action plans. Based on this experience, ESC can provide high quality services such as: Consultancy for Criminal justice structures and proceedings, especially prison and probation.

12 noiembrie 2018
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ESC members have long-term experience with students and professionals within various institutional contexts. In this capacity they offered services like: academic courses, vocational training, advanced courses for stakeholders, etc. The transmission of knowledge, skills and know-how can be adapted to one-to-one classes or to group seminars over several days, using interactive and computer-based tools