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18 ianuarie 2022
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Developing a European framework for disengagement and reintegration of extremist offenders and radicalised individuals in prison, including returning foreign terrorist fighters and their families – EUTex is the first project dedicated to disengagement and reintegration of extremist offenders, including foreign fighters and their families. The aim of the project is to create a European framework

23 februarie 2021

Objectives The aim of the present project is to close language barrier gap and provide rehabilitation for substance user refugee probationers developing a virtual reality programme to improve their coping skills (problem solving and emotion regulation skills). Substance use will be used as a sign of deficiency in coping skills; focus will be on teaching

2 noiembrie 2020
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Summary Among all Roma discrimination related fields of study, the one concerning offenders’ re-entry and social reintegration is the most neglected. Nonetheless literature is rich in demonstrating that different groups of prisoners experience re-entry in a specific way. There is no study available regarding how Roma experience reentry or desistance. Little is known about these

9 iunie 2020
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Description By promoting judicial cooperation between EUMSs and raising policy makers and stakeholders’ awareness on the topic, Alternative PRE-TRIAl detention measures: Judicial awareness and cooperation towards the realisation of common standards (PRE-TRIAD) project aims to build the groundwork for the realisation of common standards with respect to fundamental rights on the practical application of PTD